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Not yet a member? Find out the member benefits

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CREFC Europe is the trade association for the commercial real estate (CRE) finance industry in Europe.  Our mission is to promote transparent, liquid and sustainable CRE debt markets for the benefit of our members, the wider industry and ultimately the economy as a whole. Our Articles of Association can be seen here. We are the meeting place for CRE lenders and debt investors of all kinds and the collective voice of the industry in communicating with policymakers and regulators, the media, property owners and debt investors.  In the time of Coronavirus, our meetings have generally been virtual.

Strategic Plan

A number of shared challenges and opportunities define the European CRE finance sector today and demand the kind of solutions only an industry association like CREFC Europe can deliver. In particular:

  • Exposures to CRE debt built up during the last real estate boom undoubtedly contributed to the global financial crisis. There are many lessons to be learned by market participants and by regulators. Both industry practices and the industry’s image and credibility can be improved through best practice, improved transparency and education. Neither industry participants nor policymakers should be distracted by the much more structural challenges for real estate investors and lenders that the pandemic revealed (or accelerated) from the long-term importance of the real estate cycle.
  • The European CRE finance industry is relatively newly diverse and its structure and complexity are not always well understood, including by policymakers. The industry needs to develop a consistent story about itself, and to help regulators understand it better.
  • The industry’s two customer bases – real estate firms (i.e. borrowers) on the one hand, and debt investors (who invest in loans originated by others) on the other – also need help better to navigate CRE debt markets. Our market focus positions us to provide information and leadership alongside our members to support better market insight and to promote initiatives to improve the information that's available about CRE debt.

In 2015, we developed a strategic plan outlining the CREFC Europe mission over the coming years. While CREFC Europe has evolved considerably since then, the core functions that paper describes - of providing a meeting place for industry professionals, networking opportunities, information and education, as well as advocacy on behalf of our members and industry - remain our core functions today.

A presentation with a more up-to-date snapshot about the association and our current activities can be seen here.

Committees & Working Groups

You can read about our committees and working groups here